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As an investor, being far removed from the location of the property you want to invest in can work against you.

Investors are only exposed to what is advertised in the newspapers, which are typically “off-the-plan” properties. Asian investors also tend to view properties located in proximity to the Central Business District (CBD) as “better investments”, simply because this concept applies in our local markets.

However, the savvy investor would look beyond that to consider what Australians perceive to be valuable properties. Investment decisions should not be based on marketing materials, but rather on the property’s potential returns and market justifications.

As experts in the Australian property market, ResCom has access to property investments that are not traditionally available to investors outside the country.  As a value-add service, we also provide annual property investment review for all our clients.

Not all properties are suitable for the typical investor. We believe that the investment has to be tailored to the needs and circumstances of the investor, structured and strategised to perform to expectations.

Talk to ResCom now to discover the best investments solution according to your needs and expectations.