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Investors seeking for short to medium term property ventures (12 to 24 months) can rely on ResCom to guide them towards higher capital gains.

We specialise in resolving difficult and unusual real estate problems including financial, contractual and partially completed developments. Utilising our commercial financial arm, we raise funds from a pool of investors to:

  • Purchase and secure distressed properties
  • Purchase block apartments or units at bulk discounts
  • Joint venture with distressed medium-sized developers for sizeable profit sharing
  • Subdivision of land banks to investment plots

ResCom’s established networks, expertise and experience provide our clients with the platform to reap excellent capital returns and access to profit-share arrangements. Our clients also have the opportunity to procure properties at cost value and acquire them as long-term investments.

Whether you’re in it for the short or long haul, you can be assured of ResCom’s objective guidance in balancing your risks with returns.